Your guide to finding the best sunglasses for summer 2023

Summer is here—and that means it’s time to look into a new pair of sunglasses! However, the world of sunglasses offers so many options to choose from, it can become overwhelming from the sheer array of models, colours and brands on the market.

That is why we put together this handy guide for finding the best sunglasses for women and the best sunglasses for men for the warm months ahead.

Face shape

Understanding your facial features is the ideal way to find the perfect pair of sunglasses.

People with round faces, which are characterized by soft, curved lines with similar width and length, should consider sunglasses that add some structure. Rectangular frames can make the face appear longer and slimmer, providing contrast. Similarly, wayfarer frames, with their angular shape, can harmonize beautifully with a round face. Additionally, cat-eye frames can create an illusion of a narrower face due to their lifted and elongated design.

Square faces, defined by a robust jawline and broad forehead, require frames that can soften people’s sharp features. Round frames can help balance and counteract the angularity, while the classic teardrop shape of aviators is also an excellent choice. Butterfly frames, with their attention-drawing design, can cleverly shift the focus away from the angular lower part of the face.

Heart-shaped faces are widest at the forehead and gradually narrow towards the chin. These faces can benefit from bottom-heavy frames that add width to the lower face without accentuating the forehead. Rimless frames are a subtle option, because they won’t overemphasize the forehead.

For diamond-shaped faces, which are narrow at the forehead and chin while being widest at the cheekbones, frames that highlight the eyes are ideal. Cat-eye frames can emphasize the cheekbones and make the face look balanced. Oval frames soften the cheekbones and make the narrow features seem more proportionate, while rimless frames won’t overpower your features. 

Oval faces are generally the most balanced, with slightly wider cheekbones and a gentle narrowing at the forehead and jaw. These faces can carry almost any frame shape. Square frames help maintain the face’s natural balance.

Other facial features

While face shape plays a significant role in determining the most flattering and best sunglasses for women and men, focusing on individual facial features is also recommended.

One critical factor to consider is your nose. A larger nose might benefit from larger frames to keep things proportional, while more delicate styles can suit a smaller nose. The bridge of the glasses also matters. Those with a higher nose bridge may find glasses with a higher bridge more comfortable, while those with a lower nose bridge could opt for sunglasses with nose pads for a better fit. 

Your eyebrows and cheekbones also come into play. Ideally, your sunglasses should follow the natural line of your eyebrows and not obscure them. If your cheekbones are prominent, you may need to try on several styles to find a pair that sits comfortably. Consider frames that sit high on your nose to avoid “squashing” your cheekbones. 

Finally, consider the width of your jaw. If your jaw is wider, a wide frame like an aviator style could suit you. For a narrower jaw, consider narrower frames that won’t overwhelm your face.

Unsure as to the shape of your face and facial features? Not to worry. Booking an appointment with an optician at Eyes On is the easiest way to find the best sunglasses to play up your best features!

Lens colour: More than your style

Your sunglasses’ lens colour isn’t just about making a fashion statement. It also affects how well you perceive colours and contrasts in different environments. The right lens colour can enhance your visual comfort and clarity, making it an essential criterion to consider when buying sunglasses.

Gray lenses are among the most popular choices due to their neutral shade. They reduce light intensity without altering the colours of the world around you, maintaining a true-to-life view. This colour is particularly beneficial for driving and general outdoor activities in bright conditions. 

For those keen on outdoor sports, brown and green lenses can be an excellent choice. These lens colours enhance contrast by filtering out more of the sun’s blue light, improving depth perception and making them ideal for sports like golf, fishing, or hiking.

Blue and purple lenses are not just stylish but also functional. These lenses can reduce glare from yellow light, provide greater clarity in foggy or hazy conditions, and are often the go-to choices of people who spend a lot of time on the water in the summer.

Rose and red lenses offer a comfortable view over extended periods, reduce eye strain, and are great for long-distance cyclists and runners.

UV protection: A must for sunglasses

Regardless of the color of the lenses you choose, the best sunglasses you can invest in should have broad UV protection. It’s the quality of the lens, not its color, that counts here.

UV protection is a non-negotiable factor when choosing sunglasses. Overexposure to UV rays can cause a host of eye problems. Always opt for sunglasses that block 99 to 100% of both UVA and UVB rays. Sunglasses labeled as ‘UV400’ block all of the sun’s rays, offering maximum protection.

The summer months are coming up fast! It’s time to find your perfect pair of sunglasses for women or sunglasses for men.