trendy men’s and women’s glasses

What to watch for 2023 trendy men’s and women’s glasses

Like the latest fashion, accessory and jewelry trends for 2023, you may be asking yourself how to ensure your eyewear style is on point for the upcoming seasons. What are the best eyeglasses trends for 2023? Will the current trendy men’s and women’s glasses and frames suit your face? We’ve got the answers below!

Cateye glasses

Also known as harlequin glasses, cateye glasses for 2023 are sassier and edgier than ever before. Some of the silhouettes feature fresh metallic details and a unique combination of finishes and scales. The wingtip points are more exaggerated, and many models have sparkly corner accents.

Modern cateye glasses compliment virtually every face shape because they highlight the arches of your eyebrows. Think this trendy women’s glasses frame can’t be worn by men? Think again! Lots of men are opting for the iconic design.

Rounded square glasses

Seen on many celebrities—from Emma Thompson to Anne Hathaway—rounded square glasses are an evolution from the heavy square and rectangle silhouettes that have been uber popular over the past few years.

2023 rounded square glasses have unusual angles that add definition to people with rounder faces; however, the subtle roundness offers a gentle touch to those with squarer jawlines. Rounded square glasses come in a variety of frame colors and designs. They make for a very individual look!

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Geometric glasses

Dare to go hexagonal or even octagonal. These statement glasses are in demand for both everyday wear and nights on the town. We’re seeing a lot of trendy men’s and women’s geometric glasses frames in metal or with wide rims, tortoiseshells, and punchy or ombre colors.

Geometric eyewear can be worn by people with round, oval and square faces. Don’t be intimidated by the funky shapes: they add a distinctive and modern flare to anybody’s style!

Transparent acetate glasses

Transparent acetate glasses are still going strong for 2023. If you prefer eyewear that is low-key and easy to wear with everything, transparent acetate is for you! You can choose from a vast selection of pastel, neutral or crystal-clear frames.

What’s important to remember for this 2023 glasses trend is to choose a color that complements your face shape and your complexion. Also, keep in mind that translucent glasses pair better with light-coloured outfits and minimal makeup. Finally, with these types of glasses, it is perfectly fine to go big as they won’t overwhelm your face as much as with darker glasses.

Everything 70s glasses

Flat-top aviators. Oversized round frames. Tinted lenses. Square retro sunglasses. Metallic No matter how you want to get your 70s eyewear groove on, there is a style out there for you. The modern designs of these vintage frames can create truly A-lister-like looks. The frames tend to follow the contours of the face, which is why many 70s-inspired men’s and women’s trendy glasses frames have been dubbed “face framers.”

Note that the 2023 versions of these classic frames are more experimental, especially when it comes to the colors and silhouettes.

There are many other 2023 trends in glasses that you can explore. Visit our website to discover our latest models and collections to switch up your look this year. Then, book an appointment with one of our experts.