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LINDBERG is Scandinavian design tradition rooted in discreet, classic elegance. If you want to make a statement, wear a LINDBERG. It makes you an eyewear aficionado appreciative of exceptional design and high-quality materials as each frame is a testimonial of aesthetics, technical innovation and impeccable craftsmanship. No screws, no rivets, just plain beautiful, minimalistic design.

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The minimalist design of every LINDBERG pair is characterized by the complete absence of screws, rivets or soldered joints. In combination with skin-friendly titanium, the frame is extremely flexible and durable. The construction is then complemented by special nose and temple pads made of medical silicone.

LINDBERG designs use responsibly sourced materials selected for their timeless elegance, exceptional strength and striking visual impact. These exclusive materials include titanium, acetate, gold, platinum and diamonds – selected LINDBERG designs are also available in the warm natural material water buffalo horn.

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