What’s in for 2024 eyewear and sunglasses?

Getting ready to update your spring wardrobe? You may be wondering what is trending in the world of eyewear and sunglasses in 2024. We’re seeing a lot of eclectic styles this year, which means you can choose from a wide spectrum of different models to suit your needs. Here are our top picks for 2024 glasses and sunglasses.

The artistic allure of colour-gradient frames

A rising star in this year’s style lineup is the colour-gradient frame. The way many brands are switching up their models’ colours, these types of frames are becoming wearable art. Offering a captivating blend of colours that seamlessly transition, these glasses that are in fashion now add an enigmatic charm to your look. Whether you’re stepping into a boardroom or a brunch, gradient frames are highly sophisticated.

Transparent frames: Versatile fashion

Continuing their reign for yet another year, transparent frames have become a mainstay in trendsetters’ wardrobes. Their ability to merge with any look while highlighting your features makes them a go-to for an effortlessly chic vibe. They are the chameleons of eyewear, perfect for showcasing your personality without saying a word.

Maximalist charm with oversized square frames

2024 glasses hail the bold and the beautiful with oversized square frames. These statement pieces are not just accessories but focal points of a well-curated look. They are a testament to the year’s maximalist eyewear trends, perfect for anyone looking to turn heads and frame their vision with a dash of drama.

Retro-chic flat top frames

Flat top frames bring a slice of history into the present with updated styles. These frames stand at the intersection of vintage glam and contemporary sleekness, proving that the classics can evolve and still remain timeless.

Hexagonal frames: Shaping the face of glasses fashion now

Continuing on the ever-trending geometric eyewear trend, hexagonal frames offer undeniable flair. Edging their way into 2024’s eyewear trends, these six-sided glasses offer a fresh perspective on style, proving to be a flattering and refined fit for various face shapes.

Personalize your wardrobe palette with tinted sunglasses

The spectrum of style widens with tinted sunglasses, offering a personalized colour filter to your world. Getting a pair of 2024 tinted sunglasses in warm or cool tones definitely adds a pop of colour to any outfit—all while remaining stylish and classic.

Eyes On takes this trend a step further, allowing you to customize your preferred tint on any selected frame. Contact us today for more information.

The future of fashion starts with sporty shield sunglasses

A blast from the 70s past, these sunglasses are all about making an entrance. Designed with high performance and functionality in mind, these sunglasses are just as good for getting in your morning job as they are for your latest athleisure looks. Offering increased protection from UV rays and glare, shield sunglasses mean you don’t have to compromise on your fashion statements. You’ll be impressed at all the edgy styles that are available.

In conclusion, as you navigate through the vibrant offerings of 2024’s eyewear trends, remember that your glasses and sunglasses can be extensions of your unique self. And while you update your spring outfits, be sure to schedule an appointment with your Eyes On optician to find the best frames to pair with them.