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We assist our clients during this special back-to-work period

This period of returning back to the office can seem like a real challenge. Yet, it is in these times of change that the right support can make all the difference. At Eyes On, we prioritize high quality service : listening, giving advice and getting to know people are at the center of our approach. For that, it’s important that we understand why you want to take the leap of buying a new pair of glasses.

Licensed opticians whose expertise makes all the difference

The clear design language at MYKITA starts with material integrity, emphasising the most appealing properties of the materials we work with. Our product design is straightforward – seeing how something is built has become the most recognisable feature of MYKITA frames. The first collection featured an openly displayed spiral hinge, a mechanical solution that became an incidental styling element and a hallmark of MYKITA frames. This original patented hinge represents the guiding principle for design at MYKITA: the technical solution must also be aesthetic.

At Eyes On, we put our expertise at your service, with the greatest sincerity. When you walk into one of our stores, let yourself be guided by our licensed professionals. The confidence building is essential so that we can draw on your tastes and your needs. Then, the discussion about your desires allows our partners to find the pair that will totally enhance the authenticity of your look. Our licensed opticians are experts in eye health and at your service whenever it comes to eye care. Whether you need a vision test, to fit your current glasses, a new designer frame, we have you covered. Above all, they are passionate humans who are committed to transforming your experience of traditional optics into a warm and personalized moment.

Premium services for premium clients

Before talking about glasses, it is important that you feel good from your first steps in our store. At Eyes on Burrard and Eyes on Twelfth, our comfortable, intimate and welcoming spaces are designed just for you. Everything is done to make you feel at ease, in a cozy setting suited to the pleasure of carefully choosing glasses. Say goodbye to the traditional medical appointment, and live an upscale eyewear shopping experience.

Once you feel good in a safe environment, everything is simplified: our associates take the time to listen to you and understand your needs. We know that sometimes it is not easy to choose a frame from a thousand pairs. Discussing your tastes together allows us to get to know you better, and to understand the style you want. Our goal is to create a real human relationship, rather than just a simple business transaction. Then, through our range of designer glasses collections, our stylists present you with a selection of frames to reveal your true personality. Discreet, protective or even provocative frames must correspond to your desire to feel good, to feel yourself. Our outlook on trends makes all the difference.

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Eyes on Burrard and Eyes on Twelfth creates a completely new eyewear experience, going far beyond a simple eye consultation. This requires a premium service as an immersive moment, in welcoming and warm shops. Our qualified licensed opticians will assist you in your choices, always with a watchful eye. With us, you feel free to be yourself, and to choose frames that reflect your authenticity. Be proud of what you wear and nail this back-to-work season!