Top reasons to choose Cartier eyewear

In the world of luxury eyewear brands, few names resonate as deeply as Cartier. A pioneer of fashion from its start in Paris in 1847, Cartier is more than a brand. It is an institution. Cartier offered elegance and exquisite creativity for generations. When you wear Cartier glasses, you’re paying tribute to a fashion house rich with history, innovation, and an allure that transcends the ordinary—and transcends time. 

You may be asking yourself: “What is so special about Cartier glasses?” or “What makes Cartier eyewear so unique?” Let’s look further into Cartier’s iconic heritage of designing head-turning eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Exquisite designs and stellar craftsmanship

Choosing a pair of Cartier eyeglasses is like owning a work of art. Each frame is exceptionally sophisticated, featuring sleek lines, the signature “C” on the arm, well-crafted hinges, and other details that have become the hallmarks of Cartier eyewear. Every model is made with high-end titanium, stainless steel, acetate, platinum or even gold. Several styles even incorporate diamonds and other gems, which is a nod to Cartier’s legacy in jewellery. 

Cartier glasses are designed for the utmost comfort, handcrafted mainly in Italy and Japan with precision to ensure every curve and facet is impeccable.

Why are some Cartier glasses called buffs?

Cartier eyewear models are sometimes referred to as “buffs” because of the material used in their designs: buffalo horn. Cartier ethically sources natural horns from South America and Asia; thanks to each horn’s distinctive tones, each frame evokes its own persona and perceived rarity. Designers layer the natural horn to increase stability and resistance.

Are Cartier glasses durable?

A question we often encounter at Tris Coffin is: “Are Cartier glasses durable?” Absolutely! Durability is at the heart of Cartier’s design and manufacturing process. Leveraging premium materials and advanced eyewear engineering techniques, Cartier creates long-lasting eyewear, which means you gain peace of mind knowing that your statement piece is an investment for years to come.

What goes behind a cartier frame?

Worn by royalty and celebrities since its very beginnings, Cartier’s legendary glasses are investment pieces. From the finest materials to the meticulous workmanship, every detail of a Cartier model exudes luxury.

Cartier’s quality is simply undeniable, allowing each pair to hold its value over time. The brand makes a very limited number of glasses in various styles each year to offer devotees a sense of exclusiveness. You will never experience mass-produced eyewear designs with Cartier!

Celebrities X Cartier

Celebrities, including Ewan McGregor, Miranda Kerr, Christiano Ronaldo, Drake, Tom Brady and Dua Lipa, are all huge fans of Cartier eyewear. 


The rap and hip-hop scene helped to mythologize Cartier eyewear, and Cartier glasses are a considered status symbol across multiple cities around the world, including Paris, Milan, New York, and even Detroit, where the brand has a quasi-cult following. They are also mainstays with NFL players.

At Eyes On, we take pride in offering our clientele a curated selection of premium eyewear. Cartier, with luxury ethos, stands as a brand that complements our values. When you choose Cartier, you are not just selecting a frame. You are making a fashion statement that is uniquely your own. Book an appointment today to find a Cartier model to suit your style.