Chic summer sunglasses trends for 2023

Summer is the perfect time to amp up your look with sizzling outfits and trendy sunglasses. Although sunglasses primarily protect us from harmful sun rays, the focus of designer sunglasses in 2023 extends beyond this. In fact, the summer sunglasses trends of 2023 have a nostalgic vibe, but they come with a modern edge. Let’s dive in!

Oversized frame sunglasses: Vintage inspiration

Oversized frames for women and men, either aviator sunglasses or in funky shapes, are hot this year. These add a retro look to your style. You can see this trend booming in the designer sunglasses 2023 collections. Go for oversized summer sunglasses if you want to rock old Hollywood glamour or flaunt an influencer vibe.

Rectangular sunglasses: A timeless trend

Rectangular sunglasses have been trending for a long time. They will also remain in women’s and men’s sunglasses for summer 2023. The style is versatile on all types of face shapes. You can try it in different colours and materials for even more attitude. In fact, the chunkier the sunglasses are, the better!

Y2K sunglasses: Millennial marvels

With a translucent frame and Neon and pastel lens, Y2K sunglasses are back with a bang in the 2023 sunglasses trends for men and women. These sunglasses will be in the limelight in 2023 with their digital-like designs. Offered in a wide range of translucent frames, they suit almost every face shape and complexion.

Tinted lenses: A dazzling world

Tinted sunglasses have made their spot in sunglasses trends of summer 2023. It is a perfect time to step away from your usual dark shades and try some colours. You can make a bold choice or keep it subtle. While lavender haze designer sunglasses have graced many celebrity faces, there are many hues you can choose from, including pastels, lime greens and sunset tint.  

At Eyes On, we understand the importance of personalization, allowing you to select your lens colour, irrespective of the frame’s shape. For any adjustments in the tint of your optical glasses or sunglasses, consult our opticians today.

Cat-eyed Sunglasses: graceful and glamorous

Cat-eyed sunglasses are exceptionally trendy summer sunglasses in 2023. These models are inspired by the 1970s and 1960s. They can elevate any outfit, be it casual or formal. Designer sunglasses with a cat-eye shape have been popular among stars like Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez. Elongated cat-eyed sunglasses are a noteworthy shape for summer sunglasses in 2023. They give you a dramatic and mysterious look.

Athletic sunglasses: Where fashion and practicality meet

Athletic sunglasses were all over the fashion world in 2018. Since then, they have been changing in shape and form, with one year’s designs outdoing their predecessors. Over time, they have become simpler, making it easy for us to style them. They have evolved from sports gear to true fashion accessories. 

Summer 2023 brings an array of stylish sunglasses options. So, step up your sunglasses game with the coolest pairs this summer. Eyes On opticians can assist you in finding a crave-worthy pair!